The words and music of Dolly Parton; getting to know country's "Iron Butterfly".
Cardwell, Nancy.

Part of a series showcasing singer-songwriters from a broad spectrum of genres since the 1960s, this volume highlights the musical talents of Dolly Parton and examines her music and lyrics as well as her profound influence on several generations of musicians in both country and pop genres. The work provides biographical information as well as discussions of important themes that inform Parton's world view and key periods in her career, especially her contributions to the rise of popular country music in the 1970s, her successful crossover into pop music, and her current work in traditional and bluegrass forms that has endeared her to a new generation of fans. Several black and white photographs as well as a complete discography are included. Cardwell works for the International Bluegrass Association. (2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR)


Review by Book News, Inc.