Europe, a political profile; an American companion to European politics; 2v.
Slomp, Hans.

This two-volume primer on European politics for Americans provides students of political science, policy makers and general readers with a comprehensive look at the similarities and differences between European and American democratic institutions. Volume one explores themes and institutions and provides groundwork for further discussion by outlining common practices in European political institutions on a variety of topics and across many example nations. Topics discussed include historical influences on political structures, party types in European politics, civil society, public policy and regional politics. Volume two explores politics on a nation by nation basis and provides detailed information on demographics, history, political, legal and social structures and major political parties and their policies. The volumes are laid out for easy reference and represent a comprehensive exploration of European political structures geared towards American readers. Slomp is professor of comparative politics at Radboud University, Holland. (2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR)


Review by Book News, Inc.