Freedom without borders; how to invest, expatriate, and retire overseas for personal and financial success.
Barber, Hoyt.

Tax haven, offshore banking, and asset protection specialist Barber has 25 years of experience providing financial consultant services to an international clientele of investors from his offices in Vancouver, BC, and Belize City, Belize, and is the author of several books. Written primarily for Americans and Canadians, his latest offering provides strategies for protecting one's assets by living, investing, and/or retiring abroad; the emphasis is on personal financial considerations rather than the cultural aspects of such a lifestyle choice. Coverage includes the logistics of international diversification; the best offshore structures; the economics of sovereign investing; global investing and investment opportunities; international real estate; insurance services for the expatriate; an expat haven, tax, and incentives guide; and avoiding pitfalls. Also included is an extensive list of print and online resources, agencies, and organizations. (2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR)


Review by Book News, Inc.